Embedded in a mountain, and surrounded by tons of rock, concrete and steel...


Representing an incredible feat of architectural engineering, Mountain Vault is a unique facility designed and operated to provide high security storage of both personal valuables and business backup data.  It was specifically designed to offer the kind of protection no free standing storage facility can provide.


Mountain Vault's total security and protection plan includes state-of-the-art surveillance monitored at an off-site central station 24 hours a day.  The 6,000 pound steel vault door protects the entrance to the environmentally controlled vault while an armed guard controls all access from a bullet proof station.

And Mother Nature also plays a role in this unique facility.  By virtue of its design and location inside a mountain, Mountain Vault maintains consistent humidity and temperature control.  It also provides a catastrophe-proof environment that is protected from earthquakes, flooding, lightning, fire and electromagnetic pulse.

Experience peace of mind knowing your personal or business items are being protected by a facility and staff that have been in business since 1983, is a long-term member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and maintains an excellent service reputation.